Hey welcome to our site! 


 Originally, in 2006, this site was owned by my friend (and still is, I just work on it more often)

and it was just his own website-ish profile.

Later, in 2010, in the 6th grade, a lot of people at school were playing games on the computer and we jokingly came up with the idea to make a game site with a fake virus to make the kids stop playing games and use the computer for serious purposes or just not so that we could use the computers (There were only 6 computers in the class and they were always occupied by kids playing video games)

So we changed this profile website to a gaming site called Gamez (Pretty sure that's a copyrighted name, but this site was made for fun and as far as I know it was for non-profit uses unless some of the games or anything made money off it but they probably would be making money from any other site from webs) 

We never actually did the "virus" part and our site was actually one of the gaming sites you were allowed to visit. 

There was an actual gaming page here that worked with Webs' Arcade app, but the app has been discontinued so it has been taken down, I hope there will be a new Arcade-ish app coming.
I also made a secondary that was made to put the games on but I never used it and I think I ended up deleting it.
At some point I also changed the site's name to GoolieGamez.

 In September 2011, I wanted to start a Forum for YouTubers to chat and give each other tips and whatnot called Get EEPIC'd (intentionally spelled wrong), in the hour that I made that site, I decided I wanted to use this website's forum and I also decided to rename my site Kegotje (which was made using a company name generator)
As of August 15, 2014 this site is still inactive and I just wrote this introduction message to tell something about the site instead of the "we are currently under maintenance", which stands there since we changed this site to a gaming site.

If you read all of this or just some, thank you for reading and checking out our website, you are Awesome!









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